Learning how to trade Options can be an uphill task for people who have full time jobs to worry about. It could be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin.

The education modules are customized learning paths for every type of option trader. Whether you’re new to options trading or an expert already or somewhere in-between , you’ll find something useful in these modules

Beginner Module   

This module is for those busy professionals for whom “call” is talking over phone and “put” is hockey “putt”. If this is your first time for options trading, please go through all the videos mentioned in this section.

We’ve carefully selected videos in this section to cover all the basic important topics without overwhelming you. I hope this will help you quickly hack the learning curve.

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Intermediate Module   

For the options trader who knows the basics and has made a handful of real trades, this course is designed to get you from being simply “aware” of the concepts to being able to scan for setups, choose the right options strategy, and correctly place high probability trades.

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Advanced Module   

Built for someone who wants to make option trading a profitable “Gig” without the need to quit the full time job. Someone who has mastered nearly all of the beginner and intermediate concepts with options trading. If you’re able to find trades and place them without any supervision or guidance, then now its time to take the skills to a new level.

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