The goal of the Beginner course is to give an introduction to basics of options trading. We’ll also discuss the options trading strategies that are favorite among new options traders. I call them “transition strategies” as they help in transitioning from stock trading to options trading.  These lessons have been curated specifically for those who are completely new to options trading and want to hack their way to learning . Take your time as you work through each tutorial and don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way.

Even if you aren’t a complete beginner, this course can be a great refresher or level check.

Basics of an Option Contract

In this video, I cover the basics of an option contract. Using an example of a real estate transaction, I explain an option contract in language that is easy to understand. Then, I break down the details of option contract into smaller bytes so you can understand every constituent that makes an option contract.

Basics of Put Option

This webinar covers the basics of put options including: What is a Put option Long Put option Profit & Loss Diagram of long Put option Short Put option Profit & Loss diagram of short Put option

Basics of Call Option

In this video we cover the details of one the most basic building block of options trading – the call option. 

To make it easy to understand, I will take an example of real estate transaction.

  • Real Estate Example of Call Option
  • What is Call Option Contract
  • Call Option Contract Example
  • Buying Call i.e. Long Call
  • Selling Call i.e. Short Call
  • Takeaways



Option Trading Strategy for Newbies – Cash Secured Put

In this video we describe the most basic option trading strategy that is most applicable for new option traders

  • Profile of a new option trader
  • What is Cash Secured Put?
  • Scenario I : Stock goes up
  • Scenario II : Stock goes down
  • Scenario III : Stock same as strike price at expiration

Option Trading Strategy for Newbies – Covered Call

In this video we describe another basic option trading strategy that is most applicable for new option traders

  • Profile of new Option Trader
  • Profile of covered call seller
  • Covered call Explained
  • Covered Call Example
  • What if scenarios
    • Scenario I : Share price goes up
    • Scenario II : Share price goes down
    • Scenario III : Share price stays same

How to Get Started In Options

In this video I will discuss how you can get started on options trading. Many new traders get overwhelmed by the amount of information available.

In this video we will discuss how new traders can hack their way into learning options trading step by step.

Trade Entry Checklist – Worth Making Muscle Memory

Trade Opening is the most important step for option premium sellers, yet not much has been talked about it.

Most of the folks focus on less important things – Strike price, Expiration Period, Option Strategy and no wonder ends up blowing their account.

There are other things that are more important and I cover the entire checklist in this video. If you are beginner option trader, then you must watch this before putting your first trade. Make this your muscle memory to be profitable in options trading.

If you’re an experienced option trader, this will serve as a refresher

The Wheel Option Strategy

The ‘Wheel’ing is an often used concept among serious option traders who want to buy stock at lower than current market price and sell it at higher than current market price.

This works wonderful for generating consistent income of the stocks that you won’t mind owning in the long term.


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